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Choosing a right training solution
When choosing a training solution, it’s easy to get side tracked by features and functionality; by the latest buzz words or technology; or more often by the content. While features, functionality, technology and content are key pieces of a training solution, they are really “down-the-road” decisions. There’s a more fundamental component that needs to be thought of first.
The key to defining a good training solution is to be able to identify the training problem correctly.
Some questions to ask yourself when defining the problem. A root cause analysis is a great way to drill down to this kind of understanding.
  • What is your hottest business issue? (Let’s say, you’ve too many unhappy customers)
  • What is the exact performance you are looking for, in order to keep your customers happy? (Perhaps you need service calls to be successfully closed in under 30 minutes?)
  • If your performance standards are not being met, is there an issue of your people’s competency? (Your service technicians may not have all the knowledge, skills or belief systems to deal with customer complaints in under 30 minutes)
  • Of all the issues related to people’s knowledge, skills and beliefs, how many can be addressed by having them learn something? Which of them require long term mentoring? Which ones can be addressed by a better organization of information, documents and other materials? Which ones require an un-learning of a behaviour? And so on... (Your technicians need better organized documents, some need phone skills to deal with customers, some need to improve their troubleshooting skills, some need a can-do attitude...)
  • And finally, now that we’ve gotten a handle of the problem, you could begin thinking of the solution: Now, if my technicians needed to become better at troubleshooting, what sort of training would they need? What training solution is best to improve phone skills?
Managers often have an intuitive handle on this kind of drill down. However, in our experience, doing this exercise in a structured, thorough manner always provides new information, better commitment from stakeholders and sometimes, downright startling insights into a business problem.

STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.
It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.

– GK Chesterton