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Do customers need “training”?
Often product companies seek to provide what is termed “end-user training”. Customers are typically trying to get started with using their product, or to address a specific issue that they may have with the product, and are unlikely to see themselves as needing “training”. Except perhaps in the context of a highly specialized or proprietary technology, training is an inexact term to use with respect to what an end user needs from a product company.
Typically, end users need information and skills to independently deal with:
  • Installation and pre-use tasks: Customers need enough information and demonstrations, as applicable, to get started with the product they have purchased. The quicker and easier the start up process, the more satisfied the customer is likely to be. Simple getting started guides and easy product interfaces are probably the best answer. At the next level, engaging video or animation based product demos and getting started tips are also likely to help.
  • Basic trouble shooting: It is in the product company’s interest to minimize the number of support calls, especially for non-critical tasks. Tech support jokes notwithstanding, customers perhaps require most support in terms of basic troubleshooting. A quick reference troubleshooting guide, video demonstrations, searchable and printable ready reference material are some solutions that could help customers to quickly and easily get going when they are stuck with your product.
  • Basic upgrades and extensions: Customers also need to be able to complete minor updates with minimum fuss. Where the process can’t be automated by your product itself, the steps involved in the upgrade needs to be transparent, easy and in a language accessible to the end user. Printable and searchable procedures are one way of addressing the issue. Animated or video demonstrations are other options, depending on the complexity of the procedure.
Customers require support and attention. They require specific information, packaged to meet their specific needs. They rarely require “training”. The design of such customer-centric product information is quite different from the design of “product training” programs, which are used internally.

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The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.

– Peter F Drucker