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Customer satisfaction, product support, and Training
Customer satisfaction has a direct relationship with the quality of after sales support provided on a product. Right from the moment a sale is closed, the customer satisfaction meter is ticking. Has the product arrived at the customer end in shape? Has it been installed, and configured properly? Does the customer know how to get started with using it? Has the customer had a good demo? Does the customer know the support options available to them, and how to access those options? If they do have an issue with their product, can the technical support staff resolve issues quickly and efficiently, while maintaining good customer relationships? And, can they do it in the least expensive mode?
Knowledge and skill of the technical support team is an important aspect in all these issues. And good training can make a big difference to the technical staff’s competency in dealing with them.
  • General services: These procedures cover installation, pre-use tasks, configuration, customization, upgrades, extensions and the like. They are likely to be standard documented procedures. The quicker and better the technical support staff can accomplish them, the higher the customer satisfaction. To enable this kind of competency, the team would need training on the procedures; as well we ready reference material, and exposure to potential issues that may crop up on the standard procedures. Standard e-learning solutions, as well as knowledge solutions on mobile devices for field staff are good options in this context.
  • Troubleshooting: Trouble shooting is often thought to be an exercise in following a manual to isolate an issue, check for possible solutions and to implement the solution quickly. While this is true of some kinds of trouble shooting scenarios, the core of effective trouble shooting lies in a problem solving attitude. Any training that is provided needs to take this into consideration and structure the learning solution around it. The methods used by expert trouble shooters of your product can be modelled and made available to other learners. Basic problem solving training is also an option. The benefits of e-learning in this context would be to provide practice opportunities in a risk-free environment. Simulated rouble shooting scenarios can be created to let learners experience many kinds of issues before they actually run into them on the field.
  • Customer orientation: Both general services and troubleshooting can be truly effective only when the technical support staff has a good sense of customer orientation. The ability to correctly understand stated and implied issues of the customer can often become as important has having the technical ability to address the issue. Any training for technical support staff has to take this too into consideration. Again, e-learning provides opportunities in simulated environments to face different customer types and issues in a risk free environment.
STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.
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– John Foster Dulles