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What technology should you be choosing?
E-learning investments involve a host of components – from content development to technology. Making the right decisions could result in significant savings for you and your e-learning initiatives. Not to mention, fewer surprises in getting your e-learning running smoothly. Some aspects to consider while choosing a technology:
  • Scalability: Each organization needs to interpret what scalability means in its context. For some, it may mean reaching more people, for others reaching a geographically dispersed group. For yet others, it may mean being able to add more content in with lesser efforts, or supporting trainers to accomplish more with fewer resources.
  • Future Proofing: While nothing can be future proof forever, technologies that are more open and modular in architecture are likely to be better candidates for future proofing than technologies that are not so.
  • Innovation and adaption: It also makes sense to review currently popular technologies (in the current time, it could be social networking technologies) and assess their applicability for learning. When learners see learning as a continuum of their other technology uses, the chances of them adapting it for learning and making full use of it are higher.
  • And finally, align the technology to your business need, rather than evaluate a technology for its own sake. What is a great solution in one context need not be so in another. Evaluate your business’s learning needs and choose a technology based on that, rather than merely on the available features.
  • Evaluate options to use technology that allows you to pay only for what you use, rather than one that forces you to make large investment commitments up front, before you can truly say how much of the technology you’ll be using.
  • Assess the maintenance aspects for both content and the software. For any e-learning initiative to be effective, the content needs to be up to date, relevant and accessible to learners at all times. A robust maintenance plan helps you achieve that goal
STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.
Technology is like a fish. The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes.

– Andrew Heller