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Learn on the move with M-learning

M-learning or Mobile learning is the use of handheld and wireless technology for learning. It’s the latest trend of the training industry! With the handheld gadgets converging with always available wi-fi network, M-learning is becoming a popular mode to deliver on-demand training.

Everyone is always on the move today! When every other activity is happening on the go, it only makes sense for learning to go mobile as well. And with products evolving every day and their shelf lives getting shorter than ever, there just isn’t enough time to train in a confined space. Take your sales personnel for instance, they are always on the move and hardly have time to learn about the features of your new product line. In such a scenario, it’s good to have job aids put online, which the sales personnel can access on their mobile phones. This can save a lot of time without compromising on the learning.

Here are some of the advantages of M-learning:
  1. Puts training and performance support where the actual work takes place
  2. Allows new skills or knowledge to be immediately applied
  3. Enables training when it is needed
  4. Allows use of rich media when appropriate
  5. Can provide access to experts 24x7
Of course all these benefits can easily be diluted if the content design isn’t customized to the mode of delivery. It is important to bare in mind the limitations of learning through a handheld device and designing your content around it. Otherwise it will be just another course that can be accessed through a lot of different ways, but ultimately won’t be taken. Some of the other disadvantages include a fragmented learning experience, difficulty due to small screens, costs involved and data security issues. These are some critical drawbacks of M-learning which need to be mulled over. But, there are plenty of scenarios, where M-learning can be fitting for your training needs.

STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.
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