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Tools for marketing online product training

Picking up from where we left off in the previous edition of our newsletter on “Marketing online product training internally”, we will focus on some of the tools that can be used for marketing online product training.

So, we realise that marketing our e-learning initiatives is critical to its success, but how do we do it? What are the ways in which you can reach out to your employees and create the desired impact?

Here are some ways you can effectively market your e-learning initiative:
  1. Brand your initiative – It is extremely important that your initiative has a clear identity and brand that your employees can relate to. Greater recognition implies greater value to the initiative. Develop collaterals and infomercials and circulate via e-mail, newsletters, intranet, notice boards etc to build a strong brand and generate publicity.
  2. Hold a launch event – This sort of an event should generate enough excitement among your employees and create a buzz about the initiative. You can conduct sessions on the initiative and the courses and have spot-registrations at the launch.
  3. Get senior management to endorse – Have your company’s high profile senior management participate in the e-learning programme and make motivational comments on the effectiveness and the value of the programme. Your employees will take the initiative much more seriously if it has good support from the top.
  4. Provide incentives – Incentives go a long way in making employees take courses. They also create a sense of healthy competition among the employees. These incentives can be as casual as points for completing courses that can be exchanged for goods and vouchers. Publish these points on a leader board and have employees and departments compete for most points.
  5. Talk to people personally – Identify champions in each department who are excited about the initiative and have them drive it in their team. Collect feedback from employees who have already taken the course and publish their comments and success stories to motivate others.
One-off efforts will not go a long way in making your initiative a success. You need to have multiple channels of reaching out to your employees for your campaign to be effective. These media might not seem all that effective when looked at separately. But when used in the right combination can create the environment required for compelling your employees to take your courses. So make the most of these tools and the most of your e-learning initiative through an effective internal marketing strategy.

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