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Getting the learners excited about your e-learning initiative

So, you’ve developed an e-learning programme to deliver your product training. It’s live on your intranet and you’re really excited to know how it fares versus the investment made on it. What do you do next? Sit back and watch the learners flock to the course? Is it enough to send an e-mail with a link to the programme? – The answer, probably, is NO! Because, things don’t quite work so well in reality, do they? Then what do you do? How do you get learner’s to embrace the change and adopt the initiative?

The answer lies in effective internal communication that presents e-learning as an integrated part of your company’s overall strategy, acknowledges the fears and concerns of the learners and makes efforts to provide them support during the change. The learner needs to know that the initiative isn’t just about cost saving and that it can deliver quality training and be beneficial to the individual.

Here are some ways to effectively sell your e-learning initiative to the learners:
  1. Ensure that the learners are aware of the company’s training strategy and business goals in taking up the initiative
  2. Communicate to the learners that the initiative will improve learning in the organization besides saving money
  3. Communicate in multiple ways to target different types of employees at different levels and answer what’s in it for them
  4. Collect learner feedback and work towards a two way internal communication strategy

This kind of an internal marketing campaign will require support and cooperation of senior management if for your campaign or your training initiative is to succeed. It is important to not see it as a one-off event to launch the programme, but an ongoing attempt to keep the learners informed of the benefits and developments to get the most out of it. Even the best e-learning course in the world doesn’t help if the learner doesn’t take it. So get your learners excited about e-learning and keep them there.

STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.
“The only people in the world who can change things are those who can sell ideas”
– Lois Wyse
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