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Working out the right competency dictionary for your product trainees

For any kind of training to be effective a clear and accurate competency dictionary is required to guide it and product training is no exception. If your product training doesn’t have accurate competency dictionaries specific to different roles, then you’re in trouble!

More often than not product training becomes more about the product than about the role of the employee receiving it. A detailed competency dictionary will help you develop effective training content that is specific to the roles of the employees. The competencies can differ based on the role even though the training is on the same product. For example, when training manufacturers and training technical support personnel, the competencies might differ even though the content is more or less the same. Both roles require similar competencies but the technical support personnel require additional problem solving ability.

Here are some of the key competencies you should look for in some of the more common product training recipients:

Installers Sales personnel Technical support personnel
Treats the customers with courtesy and respect. Is effective and persuasive in communication with the customer. Treats customers and their issues with compassion.
Is efficient in installing the product and helping the customer get started with it. Is able to understand the customer’s needs and relate to them. Is able to quickly identify and diagnose the problem with the product.
Is resourceful in dealing with the customer’s questions and concerns. Proposes the right products to fit the customer’s needs and is able to sell its benefits and value proposition. In case of a complex problem refers to the appropriate person in a timely manner.

Competencies are generally quite specific to the role of the employee and also the organisational needs. You might need competencies that are unique to your organisation. The idea is to think about the competencies that you require and building the product training content based on it.
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