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Rapid e-learning with more instructional design makes better product training

If you’re looking to deliver effective online training under budget constraints and tight timelines, rapid e-learning can no doubt be your solution. For example, if you need a training course for your sales and service personnel on your products with short life cycles, it would make sense to use a rapid e-learning approach.

There’s no argument that rapid e-learning can create training content cost effectively in a short time. But, nobody wants bad e-learning that’s developed rapidly. There are a lot of doubts raised by this particular method of development. Among these, the popular ones are that

Rapid e-learning is not as effective as traditional or other forms of e-learning

Most of the shortcomings of the Rapid e-learning approach arise because of the excessive emphasis on the tool used and the lack of it on the instructional design strategy. It seems quite obvious that a change in development approach would imply a change in the learning strategy, which in turn means a more significant role for an instructional designer, which is often not the case. This is what renders rapid e-learning courses ineffective.

Subject matter experts know their subject, not what’s best for the learner

Subject matter experts equipped with rapid authoring tools can save time. But they also raise a lot of doubts, some of which are quite genuine. Again the question about the learning strategy and effectiveness of the course arises as an SME is not equipped with instructional design capabilities. It’s best to use the expertise of an instructional designer to make your training effective. It also makes sense for your SME to learn about creating effective e-learning to overcome this gap, if you’re going to create a lot of content.

An effective learning strategy in the centre of the rapid e-learning approach will help reduce its limitations and let you reap the benefits.
STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.