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Gaming can be more than just a way of recreation!

Game based learning is one of the concepts that has created a buzz in the learning industry. It’s amusing to think that you can be done with your training by playing a game, without having to sit through an entire ILT session or having to click through an e-learning course of 300 screens. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

This fantasy is not too farfetched! In fact it is surprisingly closer to the reality than you would think. Don’t believe it? – Just ask the several thousand Cisco-certified network engineers. They’ll tell you how they saved our planet from the aliens, demanding for fast internet access, by installing WiFi transmitters.

Game based learning is being adopted to assist training in a lot of organisations. Games can help make training stress free and improve retention. The competitive format of a game helps motivate learners and also helps monitor their performance. Games can be ideal to introduce new topics to learners and reinforcing key aspects of the training.

Gaming can also be used to benefit product training. For example, you can have games to train sales personnel on the features or the value propositions of your products. You can have your installers, game their way to information like in the earlier mentioned scenario.

The catch is that games need to be used in the right context for them to be effective. A game needs content that is relevant to the objective and needs to attract the audience as a fun way of learning. Otherwise it will fail as both a learning initiative and a game.

Also, initially the concept might seem a very expensive ordeal, but it’s not impossible to develop training games cost effectively. Games don’t need to be flashy or require virtual environments to be effective in training. You can also develop content-less game engines which can be reused for different training content, just by changing the text.

There are plenty of creative things you can do with games to help you with your training. And chances are that your employees will drag their feet lesser to learn!


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