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Tweet your product promotions

Twitter is creating the buzz everywhere. People everywhere are using it, promoting it, criticizing it or just don’t get it. But, one thing is for certain – Everyone is talking about Twitter!

Just in case you’re not one of “everyone”, Twitter is social networking and micro-blogging service that enables you to post 140 or less character updates or “tweets”. You can follow people and receive their tweets and vice versa. So what’s the big deal about twitter? And how can you use it for training?

People today are using Twitter in innovative ways for a number of different things

  • Network for benefit
  • Corporate branding
  • Directing traffic
  • Learning and Development
  • Notify customers

…among many others.

Here are some ways in which Twitter could possibly be used for product promotions.
  1. Product updates
    Set up a twitter account for your products and tweet your updates. Let your customers know about the latest feature updates, offers, discounts, announcements, etc. and promote your product through the network.
  2. Product communities
    Set up communities for your products where your customers can network with other users and learn to get the most out of the product while socialising. This can be applicable even for your employees in sales, troubleshooting etc. too.

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“The way of the world is meeting people through other people.”
– Robert Kerrigan
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