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Things you need to know while buying an LMS

LMS or Learning Management System is a software application for delivering, tracking and reporting classroom and online training. The software application is essential in analysing the effectiveness of the training. Say, you have developed learning material to train your work force on the manufacture of your latest product; you will need a back end system to deploy it and track the learner’s progress. Enter LMS!

Selecting an LMS to meet the training requirements of your organization can be a tedious task. It’s a major investment and is nearly impossible to replace without significant additional costs.

Here are some things to consider before purchasing an LMS

You need to first decide whether you want to outsource or purchase a solution. Both the options have their share of benefits and short comings. Purchasing a solution lets you customize it to fit your requirements, but is quite expensive on the pockets, whereas outsourcing a third party LMS is cheaper, but not as efficient.

One size does not fit all. The features of your LMS will depend on your requirements. You need to prioritize your requirements to ensure the LMS features address the most important ones. Some of the least priority requirements can be given for significant cost benefits.

Ideally an LMS should have the following features:
  • It must serve the diverse needs of learners, administrators, content developers and instructors simultaneously.
  • It should be able to withstand changes without significant additional costs.
  • It should be conformant with the key learning standards such as AICC, SCORM, IMS and IEEE.
  • It must be able to selectively control access to online content both internally and externally.

Evaluating the vendor while purchasing or licensing a LMS is also extremely important. Working with the right vendor can be the difference in making your initiative successful.

Things you need to look for in a vendor:
  • The vendor should be capable of providing support to your current and future training requirements.
  • Should have sufficient IT infrastructure that is capable of handling technical issues with the LMS.
  • Should provide other additional services like analysis of data, trends and reports, improvements and enhancements of the system, etc. to aid the training initiative.

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