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SCORM clarified!

“SCORM” or “Sharable Content Object Reference Model” is a set of standards and specifications for web based e-learning. It is a technical standard which defines the framework for designing e-learning content and Learning Management Systems, so that they integrate and operate easily with other content and systems. Originated from the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative of the US Department of Defence, SCORM has become a universal standard to be followed while developing or absorbing e-learning content.

SCORM helps your content and your system realize standards that will help you integrate new content automatically and make it accessible across different platforms. For example, a DVD works on any player irrespective of its brand. That’s because DVD players are manufactured with a set of standards. Without these standards DVDs would have to be manufactured specifically for each brand, making life difficult for everyone involved.

SCORM requires content to be created in stand alone objects called SCOs (Sharable Content Objects), which make it reusable, interoperable and durable.


SCORM conformance implies that the content is developed in stand alone modular SCOs, which means they can be reused to fit into multiple courses in relevant scenarios. For example, if you have developed a course for your technicians on your range of cameras, it is probable that the some of the content is common. In such a case, the content can be reused if it is created in stand alone modules, saving precious time and money.

SCORM enables the content to be interoperable across different tools and platforms. This ability is highly beneficial as it ensures the delivery of content irrespective of the system through which it is delivered. Referring to the earlier example, if you have to deliver your course across multiple systems such as MIS, HRIS, SAP etc., SCORM standards make it easier for delivery without need of reintegrating the course to deliver through each system.

The ability to withstand the evolution of technology, without expensive redesign is a major benefit of SCORM conformant content and systems. Durability in terms of technology will help organizations integrate, use and update content easier. Again going back to the earlier example, if your courses on the range of cameras need constant updations with advancement in technology, or new courses need to be integrated with development of new products, SCORM conformance will reduce effort and time significantly.

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