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Issues & Challenges
Product training typically contends with three issues, which determine the nature of training adopted by product companies.

Training is not (only) about providing information: Product training is often seen as an issue of getting product information –usually of a technical nature – out to people who sell and support the products. Routinely, it also includes information aimed at end customers to enable them to get the most out of the products they have purchased. However, the issue runs deeper than just providing technical information. For example, effective selling includes selling-related learning such as positioning the product to different classes of customers, up-selling points, competitor comparison information, unique highlights of product for different uses / consumer categories etc. It could also include detailed objection-handling support, prepared scripts for phone calls, elevator pitches etc.

Similarly, support staff not only need the technical information needed to troubleshoot and support products, but also general problem solving and diagnostic skills, skills to politely walk a customer through the problem and so on. Product companies often fail to pay enough attention to these aspects of product training.

Show me the information! There is a flip side to the training issue mentioned above. In many instances, the only thing a sales or support person needs is the right information just when they need it. There may not be a lot of other learning to do. However, there is a challenge to this situation - each stakeholder in the process needs the information in a different format. A manual may not be of much help to a sales or service person in finding the information they need in time, even if the information does exist in the manual. To meet this need, product companies need to make the latest information available, in multiple formats, for multiple users. Training provides the context, so that people make sense of the information when they access it.

No time for classrooms! Sales people are on the move and products change regularly. Getting your staff into a classroom is challenging both from a time and logistics perspective. Not to mention expensive travel costs and opportunity costs of people being away from their work. Even from a purely learning perspective, two days of training may or may not equip the your people with all the learning they need. Having an any-time, anywhere approach to training is always more practical and beneficial, especially for information intensive product companies.

While you go after your big business goals and aggressive competitors, a relatively small thing such as having the right information and learning at the right time for the right person, may just be your secret tool for business success.

STAM has a decade's experience in helping global companies with their Web Based product training strategies and investments, please contact us for your product training requirements.
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